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    The mission of Frazee Elementary School is to provide quality research based instruction in an environment which is safe, harmonious,
    and conducive to learning that enables a diverse population to become independent, productive citizens, and lifelong learners.


Harlem Wizards
  • Harlem Wizards April 5, 2019 7:00 p.m.

    Please join us for a fun-filled night and help earn money to renovate Frazee Park.   Frazee Park is located just behind Frazee Elementary, and it is available for our students and our community.  Frazee PTO and the Parks Department will partner to buy new equipment and build a shelter for the entire community to enjoy! 



School Make up Days
  • Make up Days

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    Make-up Days

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    Make-up Day # 1

    May 6th

    Built- In Make Up Day

    Make-up Day # 2

    February 18th

    Current Staff Development Day

    Make-up Day # 3

    April 19th

    Good Friday

    Make-up Day # 4

    May 24th

    Current Last Teacher Day

    Make-up Day # 5

    May 28th

    Tuesday after Memorial Day

    Make-up Day # 6

    May 29th

    Wednesday after Memorial Day

Upcoming Events
  • Frazee Upcoming Events

    March 8   Harlem Wizards Kick Off 2:00pm


    March 10 Daylight Savings Time "Spring Forward"


    March 15 End of 3rd Nine Weeks


    March 17 St. Patrick's Day


    March 18-22 6th Grade CMS Parent Night 5:00pm


    March 18-22 3rd Grade IREAD Assessment


    March 20 1st Day of Spring


    March 25-29 Spring Break!


    Aril 2 Spring Picture Day








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Frazee Insiders of the Month 2019
  • March Frazee Insider

    Derek Jeter

    by Kolton

     Do you know who Derek Jeter is? The number one shortstop in the MLB ever, in my opinion. He is a 5x World Series champion, a 14x all-star, and the AL rookie of the year in the 1995-1996 MLB season. Those are just some of his accomplishments in his career. Just by that you can tell he is one of the best players to ever play in the MLB.

        Derek Jeter was born in Pequannock, New Jersey on June 26, 1974 to Charles and Dorothy Jeter. As a kid he always wanted to play in the MLB (Major League Baseball) for the New York Yankees. He attended Kalamazoo High School where he played baseball and basketball. He stood out in baseball because of how good he was. In his senior year of high school he was awarded “Gatorade High School player of the year.” “Athlete of the Year.” And the “USA today’s High School Player of the Year.” You may ask with all these awards, what college did he go to? The answer to that, is no college. In 1992 he entered the MLB draft straight out of high school and got drafted to the New York Yankees.

        Even though Derek Jeter was drafted in 1992 he played his first MLB game on May 29, 1995. He had to play 3 years in the minor leagues before the MLB. In his very first year in the MLB he won the AL rookie of the year award.(The MLB is divided in two sets of teams the National League, NL; the American League, AL). In his rookie year he also won the World Series, or the World Championship. In 1998 the New York Yankees set a world record for the most won games in one season with 114 wins, one season is 162 games. Derek Jeter lead the Yankees to win the World Series that year as well. In that year Derek Jeter was selected to the all-star game where the best players play a game against each other. In 2000 and 2002 Jeter lead the Yankees to another World Series. Again in 2009 Derek Jeter won his last World Series of his career with the Yankees.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Jeter had a amazing career in the MLB, but there a lot things that people don’t know about him. Like one time he had his own cereal brand, or that he was a pitcher when he was younger, but played shortstop because his dad played shortstop at Fisk University. His most famous nickname is “The Captain” because he was the leader on the field. He also has another nickname, “Mr. November” because on the fourth game of the World Series against the Diamondbacks the game went from October to November, the first time that has ever happened. On the game Derek Jeter hit a homerun in the bottom of the tenth to lift the Yankees to a 4-3 victory over the Diamondbacks. Jeter went on to lead the Yankees to win the World Series in the month of November.

        Jeter has had some famous quotes since playing for 19 years in the MLB. Here are a few of his most famous.


         “I love it when people doubt me.”

         “There may be people with more talent than you, but there’s no excuse for someone to work harder than you, and I believe that.”

         “When someone says you don’t have what it takes you have two options: prove them right or prove them wrong.”

        Derek Jeter retired in the year of 2014. He finished his career a 14x all-star, a 1996 rookie of the year, a 5x World Series Champion. Also a 2000 World Series MVP, a 5x gold glove winner, a 5x silver slugger, a 2x Hank Aaron award, and a Roberto Clemente award winner. Jeter was one of the best MLB players ever. What do you think? Was he the best ever?



  • March Frazee Insiders

    Spring Fling

    by Maddy

    Even though it still feels like winter, we would like spring to come quickly. Here is an early spring idea for the people who like to be early with their decor!

    Spring ring flower

    Materials: colored paper, white paper, glue, colored pencils/markers, round lid (any size)

    1. Fold white paper in half (like a card)

    2. Take lid and get colored paper (tip: use scraps) and trace the circle

    3. Cut out the circles

    4. Lay out and then fold each in half

    5. Put them in a circular formation to make your flower petals/shape

    6. Glue back side of each half circle to white paper

    7. Repeat with different size circles/lids for different size flowers

    8. Draw your stems and leaves

    9. Admire your rainbow flowers

    10. Use as decoration or send as a spring themed card

    It should eventually turn out like this.