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Administration Staff Member- Title Email Address   Extension
  Mia McCreary- Principal  222
   Amanda Fields-Executive Secretary  221
   Pam Isaacs-Health Aide  223
 Certified Staff      Staff Member-Title  Email  Extension
            Beth Sinkhorn-School Counselor  235
 Ashley Hickman  Social Worker  253
   Angie Shute-Kindergarten  241
  Victoria Whitmore- Kindergarten  243
   Kaitlyn Pelsor-1st Grade  231
  Lori Riebsomer- 1st Grade  232
      Rachel Strait-2nd Grade  233
   Erin Smith-2nd Grade  234
   Beth Fuller-3rd Grade  242
   Davida Cox-3rd Grade  244
 Kimberly Nibarger-4th Grade  246
   Marie Richardson-4th Grade  250
   Julie Judd-5th Grade  248
Josh Sanchez- 5th Grade  247
   Rebekah Hobbs-6th Grade  249
  Brett Newkirk- 6th Grade  245
   Ben Messerschmidt -Physical Education   226
  Debbie Stanley- Art Education  239
   Sarah Gross-Music Education  238
   Sarah Strong- Mild Disabilities 252
   Olivia Montini-Mild Intervention     236
   Lisa Faulkenberg-Literacy Coordinator 227
   Patricia O'Leary- Literacy Coordinator  
 Support Staff  Staff Member-Title Email  
   Bekah Thompson- Speech Pathologist  256
        Lucy Templeton-Media Assistant         225 
    Heather Crisp-Title I               
   Elizabeth Pennington-Special Ed. Aide    
   Pam Burke- Title I    
   Jennifer Hendrickson- Title I    
   Lydia Miller- Title I    
   Brandy Abercrombie-Title I

   Patty Shepherd- Prime Time Aide    
   Tim Cain-Head Custodian  228
           Shawn Murphy-Custodian    
   Mike Courm-Custodian